About QICI Engine

QICI Engine is a free and opensource JavaScript library, based on free and opensource game engine Phaser, with a web-based comprehensive suite of HTML5 game making editor.


With QICI Engine, creating HTML5 Games just like Web Development, use your favorite code editor, use your favorite web browser, leverage JavaScript language and all the best web development tools, QICI Engine takes care of the complexity of the underlying technologies, so you just focus on what's important - making your game!

QICI Engine Technology Stack

QICI Engine is made up of three parts: QICI Core, QICI Widget and QICI Editor.

  1. QICI Core: A JavaScript Game Engine library that is based on Phaser.
  2. QICI Widget: A JavaScript UI library for creating rich application with a superior user experience.
  3. QICI Editor: A web-based flexible and feature rich editor for accelerating HTML5 game development.

Tech Stack

QICI Core can be used to make a HTML5 Game by writing code without QICI Editor. But for complex UI, it’s really hard to build and maintain without the help of what-you-see-is-what-you-get visual interface, with QICI Editor even artists and designers can help to build the game’s UI. QICI Widget is used internally to provide all HTML5 UI widgets that is needed to build QICI Editor interface.

QICI Core is a JavaScript Game library, QICI Widget is a JavaScript UI library, QICI Editor using Node.js for File I/O operations, so QICI Engine is a Full-Stack JavaScript Game Engine.