inherit qc.UIImage


A standard scrollbar with a variable sized handle that can be dragged between 0 and 1.

Create a ScrollBar

var scrollbar = new qc.game.add.scrollbar(parent);

See: qc.GameObjectFactory#scrollBar


Variable Name Type 作用
sliders qc.Slider The reference to slider Node.
direction number The direction of the scrollbar from minimum to maximum value.
value number The current value of the scrollbar, between 0 and 1.
size number The size of the scrollbar handle where 1 means it fills the entire scrollbar.
numberOfStep number The number of steps to use for the value. A value of 0 disables use of steps.
stepSize number The Step size.
fixSlidersSize bool The size of slider is fixed.
autoHide bool Whether hide the scrollbar automatically when the slider size is equal to slide area.


Event Description
onValueChange When the value is changed, this event is triggered.